What can you say about Chamonix? How do we describe it to those who have never been especially in the spring?

It’s actually harder than you think….consider this….25-degree scorching sunshine beating down on you, making people search for shade and respite from the heat, yet when you look up….snow capped mountains…. Mont Blanc adorned in white snow and Glaciers that stretch for miles.

Recently we sent a family out to the Chalet to experience Chamonix in the Spring, and they were not disappointed. They spent their four days “in confusion” as this dichotomy of senses messes with what you think you should wear for a start! It also makes you question what activities to do, as there are so many. Most have been marketed all year round as Winter Sports activities, and yet arriving at this time of the year means you can still do a few of these and so much more.

A typical Spring day in Chamonix is blinding sunshine all day bar a possibly slightly cloudy afternoon, but then you get a stunning sun until it dips behind the opposite mountain range…..

IIn relation to the people who live and work here, they could not be friendlier – any time we have guests travel to our Chalet there is always a comment or two on how well everyone speaks English, are so attentive to your needs and are always happy to help and advise you on their Home Town. A smile is always awaiting you, and we are sure this is due to the fact tat everyone loves being outdoors and come rain or shine, there is plenty to do, even for the most active of families.