Walking in the Chamonix Valley:


The Chamonix Valley, a world-famous walking and hiking centre.

Chamonix at its simplest.

At Chalet Les Jumelles we have no fixed packages and are bound by no fixed rules. As such the most simplest of our walking holidays consist of you choosing which day of the week to arrive, which day to depart and in-between doing as much walking as your heart’s content. A simple ‘no frills’ package would leave you in peace to explore the terrain at your own pace during the day. We would provide the airport transfers and accommodation. You tell us what you would like to do and we will set it up for you!

A Typical 4-Day Walking Itinerary in Chamonix

1505 Depart UK airport
1735 Arrive in Geneva Airport, private transfer to Chalet
1930 Arrive in Chamonix – Dinner or late Supper
0800 Breakfast at Les Jumelles
0830 Express equipment hire if required
0930 – 1600 Hosted or Guided Walk
0930 – 1600 Hosted or Guided Walk
0930 – 1600 Self Guided Walk
0930 – 1600 Hosted or Guided Walk
1600 – 2000 Leave Chalet Les Jumelles
1900 – 2300 Depart Geneva (local time)

Typical prices

As each stay and guest is unique we do not quote any fixed prices and we have so many options available to you – guided, solo, hosted, with Route recommendations. We, therefore, encourage you to please contact us to discuss your requirements.

High level, low level, easy, difficult, an afternoon stroll, the tour of Mont Blanc, or a week long Haute route to Zermatt, we have it all. High Alpine pastures, clear mountain lakes, gleaming white glaciers and of course alpine flora and fauna. Much of the walking is nature reserves or national parkland so the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Chamonix Valley has a well organised and mapped network of signposted trails, accessible from the valley floor or by cable car and the scenery is as magnificent as it is varied so there’s enough walking to keep you busy for several summer holidays.

Our Summer walking programme is the core of our business and as a result of many years in the mountains we have refined and perfected our programme. Our day walk programme can be tailored to requirements and individual groups allowing for a variety of exciting beautiful walks to be enjoyed. Our Tour du Mont Blanc route is designed to show you the best of the regions and countries you will be visiting. All our years of experience go into providing flexible itineraries for our travellers allowing for the ultimate travel experience.


Why should I choose you for my walking holidays?

  • Because our walking itineraries are tried and tested and we keep the number of products we offer low, to ensure that each one is of the highest possible standard.
  • Because our ratio of guides to clients is one of the highest in the business we never make the groups to big in any of our programmes, ensuring safety, personal service and enjoyment at all times.
  • Because we allow for preparation in our Tour du Mont Blanc programme to warm up and stretch the legs on the first couple of days. In our daily walk programme we build up gently and allow you to enjoy each day.
  • Because our accommodation is of a very high standard and vetted by us.
  • Because our Tour du Mont Blanc programmes are designed to be out of sync with the majority, so you enjoy an overall quieter experience of being in the mountains.
  • Because our guides are some of the best in the business and each one is as enthusiastic as he or she was the first time they completed a walk, summited Mont Blanc, watched the sunset die behind the snow capped peaks; they are there to complete the holiday experience for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?

This is never an easy question to answer. For our day walk programme you need to be able to walk steadily for 5 – 6 hrs a day with breaks.
For the Tour du Mont Blanc, days can be a little longer so maintaining a steady pace is much more efficient than bursts of fast walking. Any person who enjoys walking at home, whether it is walking the dog each day to moderate hill walking will be able to cope with our programmes.


How long are the days?

Our day walking from the chalet is usually around 4 – 5 hrs of actual walking with breaks for coffee and lunch and obviously photo taking! Our Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) days tend to be a little longer on average of 6 – 7 hrs of walking. Days vary and some will feel longer than others. The amount of ascent is itemised on each day of the TMB.


How much food and water do I need to carry?

In your day pack you need to carry around 1.5 – 2 litres of water to see you through the day especially in hot weather. This is best carried on a water bladder or camelback so you sip on the water without having to get a bottle out of your pack.
We would suggest you pack some energy level food snacks that can be easily accessed when you need them throughout the day.

What equipment do I need?

Please speak to one of our team and we can run through the relevant equipment list depending which walking tour you wish to do. As some items can be rented in Chamonix,  we would appreciate you mentioning if oyu need this service at time of booking.


What type of boots should I have?

There are many great walking boots on the market today and most brands can be found in outdoor shops in the UK. You need to spend some time trying on boots in the shop to ensure the comfort and fit before you purchase them. 
Gore Tex or other waterproof fabrics are a wise buy to ensure dry feet. Leather boots are just as good but may take a little more wearing in to soften the leather.
Having a good insole or “footbed” is also important to maintain comfort all day long, as well as good quality walking socks.


What happens if I want to have a day off?

No problem! On our day walks you can rest at the chalet, enjoy the shops in Chamonix, take the lift up to the Aiguille du Midi to see the fantastic views.
As we have a vehicle moving your luggage on the TMB anyway, if you wish not to walk on any of the days then you can just join the driver in the van for the day and be reunited with the rest of the group at the evenings’ accommodation.